Project Information
Selling over 15 million pairs of sneakers annually, Olympikus is the largest sports brand in Brazil. Founded in 1975, the brand pioneered innovative technologies that transformed the industry, merging unmatched performance, comfort, and affordability.

In partnership with strategy and research consultancy Yöne, we identified that despite Olympikus' popularity in Brazil, the brand had opportunities to reach new audiences, to strengthen existing ones, and to expand into new categories including athleisure and higher-tier products. But in order to do so, there were a few challenges Olympikus had to overcome—from the lack of consistency in communication across its multiple channels, to relying less on price point as a driving message.

We started by carefully redesigning the brand’s core equities into the most confident versions of themselves. The italic type became more italic, the blue more blue, the bold wordmark even bolder. The result is a sharper and more deliberate visual language that leverages existing recognition while allowing the brand to scale in new ways.
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Visual Identity
Web Design
Project with and for PORTO ROCHA
Design Direction:
Leo Porto
Felipe Rocha

Martin Taylor
Hyejin Song
Maricruz Meza

Motion Design:
Fionn Breen
Rafael Morinaga

Project Management:
Nicholas Schröder

Web Development:
Brian Harrison

Shoko Wanger

Case Study Photography:
Sarah Hopp
Sarula Bao
Manshen Lo
Molly Mendoza
Alexis Franklin
Camily Tsai
Marisa Seguin
Chia Chi Yu
Maggie Chiang
Sophia Foster-Dimino
Kaitlin Chan

Airbnb Design:
Naomi Bensen
Jennifer Hom
Sola Biu
Sarah Goerzen
Alexis Konevich
Stephanie Szabó
Tuhin Kumar
Jonard La Rosa